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Mike and Liz  Teague

Mike Teague died in October 2002, Liz in August 2006.  

 Mike was Treasurer of the ARLT from 1973-1982, conducting his duties meticulously.  He and Liz met at a summer school where, in her words, ‘he pursued her relentlessly’.  They were both in their forties when they married and yet, much to their delight, they had two children, Hilary and David.  The whole family attended several summer schools, staying in their motorhome for the convenience of the children.  Hilary, at the age of six, was reading an abridged version of the Odyssey, while David, who has Down’s Syndrome, amused course members with his vocally expressed pleasure at the Entertainment.

          Mike taught at St Mark’s Comprehensive School in Fulham for many years. St Mark’s was one of the first Secondary Modern Schools to go comprehensive and was unusual in offering Latin (CLC) and Greek Literature in translation as it was called then.  He taught latterly at Elliot School, Putney, a comprehensive school in South London.

          Liz read Greats and her first job was at Cheltenham Ladies’ College.  She was a meticulous scholar and a fine teacher. She taught at Colston Girls’ School, Bristol and went on to combine motherhood with teaching at Sutton High School and The Old Palace School, Croydon.  Liz was involved in the Association for over 30 years and during that time served as a Committee Member and Curator of the Picture Collection.  Mike and Liz were joint Summer School Secretaries for a time in the 1990s and both always sang and acted in the Entertainments.

          They  moved to Crewkerne in retirement to be near to David’s residential home.  After retiring from teaching Liz took an MA in Theology at London University as well as continuing in the diocese of Bath and Wells as a Lay Reader.  She shared her expertise by leading a very popular option group in New Testament Greek at Summer Schools.

          Mike, who had suffered from diabetes and other health problems for some years, died suddenly in October 2002 after celebrating thirty years of marriage.  Liz faced a world without him with considerable bravery.  Sustained by her strong Christian faith, she subsequently endured her own ill-health resolutely.

          Mike and Liz will be remembered with affection by their many friends at ARLT.  They are survived by their daughter Hilary, son David and two grandchildren.

Lynda Goss

Linda Soames

Mike and Liz at Summer School, Canterbury 1992