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ARLT Autumn Teachmeet

10th October 2020 on Zoom

Resources now available in the Teachers’ section

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Dragons and the Weather over Medieval Europe: the Afterlife on an Ancient Idea. .mp4

Dr. Paul Hayward  - handout.pdf  


Fun with fragments: Lucilius and Roman poetry, reference to Virgil, Horace and Ovid.  .mp4

Prof. Llewellyn Morgan  - handout.pdf   

Ovid the protofeminist? Amores and Metamorphoses for the me-too generation. .mp4

Prof. Alison Sharrock  - handout.docx  

Illuminating Darkness: Reading the Aeneid through Lucan’s Bellum  Civile.   .mp4

Dr. Elaine Sanderson   - presentation.ppt  

GCSE Latin -  Sam Hitchins

Verb chart for Latin GCSE (blank) pdf

Verb chart for Latin GCSE (complete) pdf

Eduqas Superstition and Magic - Liz Scott



GCSE Classical Civilisation - Joanna Johnson

Ara pacis  .pptx

Augustus .pptx

Primary School Latin - Steph Bristow

Using CI in the Primary setting  .pptx

AL Latin - Joanna Johnson

Cicero, Philippic 2 -L6 Summer Exam 2019 .docx

L6 Summer exam mark scheme 2019.docx

 Philippics II L6 Assessment  mark scheme 2019 .docx

Philippics II L6 Assessment 2019 .docx

Practice exam question 44-50 mark scheme. docx

Practice exam question 44-50  .docx

Practice exam question 81-92 mark scheme .docx

Practice exam question 81-92  .docx