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Summer School

The annual Summer School is where Classics Teachers have time to get to know each other and to share ideas informally over meals or coffee, and in a more structured way in option groups, and to hear lectures about pressing topics like set texts and curriculum changes, but also on subjects of broader Classical interest. The history of ARLT is to some extent the story of its Summer Schools. Beginning with the 1931 Summer School, people have kept photos of most years' Schools. There are two gaps in the early 1930s, and there were no Summer Schools during the Second World War, but otherwise the albums give a good continuous record.

Those interested in our founder, Dr Rouse, will enjoy seeing him in the earlier years. All available photos have been put on line for these early years. For many of the more recent Summer Schools we have a large number of photos,.  The original albums can always be inspected at any Summer School.

I hope to add the published reports on individual Summer Schools as I can lay my hand on them. When the album included the text of the Oratio (the Latin speech traditionally delivered by the director on the last evening) or of a specially composed song, that has been included.

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Charterhouse 2011

100 years of ARLT 1911 - 2011

If you have any further information about any of the  Summer Schools featured here, especially with regard to the lectures delivered by the invited speakers or if you have any photographs of it to contribute, please contact the webmaster.

Bangor 1911