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About the ArLT Song Book

Songs on this page are from the ArLT Song Book, which is both for classroom use and for recreational singing at the annual Summer School. You are welcome to download and use these songs in any educational context. Click on the title of each song for the full text and accompanying music.

Also, click on the first line of hyperlinked songs to listen to ARLT singing at Summer School 2015

Songs for Teaching: learning Latin through music


gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum  sumus

Rome's Burning (W.H.D.Rouse)

urbis ardent tecta Romae

Pack up your troubles   (W.H.D.Rouse)

absconde mala intra sarcinam

Please to give us a holiday (W.H.D.Rouse) 3 part round.

ludi magister

Rose, Rose (WHD Rouse) 4 part round

florum gemmis ubi rubor inerit?

The Owl (WHD Rouse) 3 part round

ex ulmo iam labenti

Auld Lang Syne

aetate consuetudines

Tarentina   (G.M.Lyne) [Clementine]

prope quondam ad fodinam Tarentinus in casa

Daisy, Daisy .

Aster, Aster, mihi responsum da

Lullaby   (WHD Rouse)

lalla, lalla, dormias

Tres Mures   (A. Eustace)? [Three Blind Mice]

tres mures! tres mures!

Carmen Circense   (T.W.Melluish) [Jingle bells]

consulis manu

Amazing Grace   (T.W.Melluish)

o mira dulcis Gratia,

Carmen Hippopatami (Rouse) [Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud.]

olim hippopotamus dicebat secum

Macdonaldo Est Fundus (T.W.Melluish)

Macdonaldo est fundus

Baiis Litoralibus Adesse! (T.W.Melluish) [I do like to be beside the seaside]

Baiis litoralibus adesse!

Carmen Vagabundum (T.W.Melluish) [Waltzing Matilda]

tendit in fusis amnis erro lacubus

Carmen Amatorum (T.W.Melluish) [There is a tavern in the town]

Subura cauponam habet -nam habet

Carmen Venaticum (T.W.Melluish) [John Peel]

nostin' Peliam chlamydos specie?

Carmen Piscarium (T.W.Melluish) [Cockles and Mussels]

quam urbis sunt bellae

Convivium Collegiale (Ivar Engel-Jensen)

sursum in ramo corvus

Master of the Queen's Navy (HMS Pinafore) (T.W.Melluish)

versabar iuvenis ego

Mi Bone - (T.W.Melluish) [My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean]

mi Bone, es trans Oceanum,

Rufus   (T.W.Melluish) [Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer]

Rufe, nasute cerve,

A Policeman's Lot (T.W.Melluish)

ubi fraudibus fraudator abrogatis -abrogatis

Laudes Laetitiae  (Jonathan Powell) [Beethoven: Ode to Joy]

te Laetitiam laudamus

Ilkley Moor   (Jonathan Powell)

ub' eras ex quo te vidi?

Sancta Lucia   (Jonathan Powell)

in mari lucidumst

Me Circumdat Cupido (Hilary Walters) [Love is all Around]

in digitis ist' inest, in tener' ungui,

Blowing in the Wind   (Hilary Walters)

quot per vias est eundum viro

YMCA    (Hilary Walters)

puer: desperare noli - heus

Actium (Hilary Walters) [Waterloo]

babae! ad Actium Antonius en effugit,

Delilah   (Hilary Walters)

lucernam vidi noctu fenestram praeteriens

Dulce Domum     (Home Sweet Home)

per gaudias, per regias

Oce Coce  (N.J.E.Dunn)

inducite *pedem, reducite pedem

Testudinis Carmen Antiquae (G.M.Lyne) [John Brown's Body]

quondam nemo habitabat in terris (ter)

Leontopodium   (Edelweiss)(Hilary Walters)


The Frog -  Translated from Danish by Jonathan Powell.

In limo parva ranula

My love is like a red red rose

Ruberrimus ut splendet flos eruptus Iunio

Carmen Potorium (Come, Landlord)

Syrisca, fer mi Caecubum

Magus Mirabilis (Follow the Yellow Brick Road)

Tramitem Luteum

Let it Go (from Frozen)

vides ut alta stet nive candidum

 CLC Stage 4 Song (to the tune of All through the night)

 Ego sum Caecilius, sum argentarius