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Roger Davies

I would like to say once again how saddened I was to hear of Roger's passing. For a large part of my career he was a great friend and supporter, not least during difficult times One of his actions as President was to ask me to direct the 1992 Summer School! He was a huge supporter of ARLT; Last Night Entertainments were never the same when Roger was not present. The whole world of Classics has lost a man of enormous charm and great talent. REQUIESCAT IN PACE.


ARLT is not just a professional association, and the summer schools not just in-service training: it is an opportunity for true societas / κοινονια . Roger Davies definitely contributed to this friendly spirit, especially through his part in the entertainments.


This is very sad news.  Roger was such a lovely man; a good friend, a wonderful actor and musical performer, and an inspiring Classicist.

The world is the worse off for his passing.


We are very sorry to hear of Roger's death. He was a fervent Arelas, and a very good friend. He did a lot for the teaching of Latin, and was always so enthusiastic.

John and Lesley

Such sad news. A lovely man.


I remember getting some useful ideas on CLC 2 from an Option Group he did long ago, and The Entertainment is the poorer without him - Aristophanes, G & S ...


Roger was a good man and will be much missed.


Roger was a fantastic person, a man of great talent and a good friend. He is sadly missed.


I am very sorry to hear that news.  He brought so much joy into our lives, to our family as well as ARLT.


Roger is a very sad loss to the Association and to anyone who knew him.


Obituary to follow