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ARLT Latin Reading Competition

 2013 - results

Junior (Years 8 & 9)

 Cambridge Latin Course Stage 18 p.102

 ‘pro taberna Clementis’ lines 12-34   (‘Eutychus cachinnans ... inquit Clemens.’)^oa_book2^stage18

Intermediate (Year 10 & 11) and Senior (Year 12 & 13)

 Aeneid 12 926-952  ‘incidit ictus.. sub umbras.’


It is always a pity when the number of entrants goes down as happened this year. A pat on the back, therefore, is due to the schools that took the trouble to enter. These words are, of course, addressed to the teachers of the candidates. It is they who carry the burden of their pupils' performances, whether good or bad. It may be that sometimes you enter a pupil whose performance you know will not pass muster. I wonder whether you think this is a kindness to him or her, maybe to provide a chance to compete with others in the school. Unfortunately there were several candidates who found the Latin difficult to read, or even who frankly didn't understand it. I don't really think it's a kindness to such people to encourage them to proceed, though of course they will always be listened to attentively and given a mark. More work needs to be done both by pupils and teachers to make sure the entrant can read reasonably fluently and with understanding, can pace the reading appropriately, and can pronounce it correctly. On this last matter, it is clear that nobody will pronounce it perfectly, but it is reasonable to hope that the pupil will be given enough information to make a serious attempt at a respectable pronunciation.

    So it is evident that quite a lot of different qualities are required of the readers. This year it was fairly hard to find enough prize-winners, three emerged in the junior section, I am very pleased to say, but there was a dearth of good performances among the older entrants, and only one person deserved (but really did deserve!) a prize in the senior section.

John Hazel

Senior section:

Arcadio Fernandez

Cambridge International School


Junior section:

1   Oscar Tovey Garcia  

Bristol G S


2   Sai Kotecha   

Loughborough G S


3   Sam Lord-Sturdy

Private candidate