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We were very pleased to see an increase in numbers (41 entries) and thank everyone who entered. We would still welcome more candidates, and we encourage colleagues to enter their pupils. We were also pleased with an improvement in standards: in the Intermediate and Senior competitions, the focus on enjambement helped entrants to read more meaningfully.  There were some good, lively versions which also enhanced the subject-matter.

We encourage staff and pupils to use the on-line help provided by ARLT( here).  Pronunciation was sometimes a bit too ‘English’ and some entrants did not observe the macra (long vowels) which are printed in the text. There was less of a tendency to ‘z’ the letter ‘s’.  It is worth knowing that Latin words are stressed on the penultimate syllable if this is long, or the ante-penultimate if the penultimate is short; this still applies when reading verse. Pupils should also be reassured that a slow or moderate pace is most effective; some readings were too rushed.

On the technical side, please check that the reader is not too close to the microphone.  Ideally the microphone should not be held but should be kept static in some way. Background noise was evident in some recordings. As with last year, some recordings were not complete, so please check before submitting. If possible, please record in MP3 format.

Hilary Walters

ARLT Reading Competition Aeneid 2

ausus quin etiam voces iactare per umbram

implevi clamore vias, maestusque Creusam

nequiquam ingeminans iterumque iterumque vocavi.   770

quaerenti et tectis urbis sine fine ruenti

infelix simulacrum atque ipsius umbra Creusae

visa mihi ante oculos et nota maior imago.

obstipui, steteruntque comae et vox faucibus haesit.

tum sic adfari et curas his demere dictis:                     775

‘quid tantum insano iuvat indulgere dolori,

o dulcis coniunx? non haec sine numine divum

eveniunt; nec te comitem hinc portare Creusam

fas, aut ille sinit superi regnator Olympi.

longa tibi exsilia et vastum maris aequor arandum,       780

et terram Hesperiam venies, ubi Lydius arva

inter opima virum leni fluit agmine Thybris.

illic res laetae regnumque et regia coniunx

parta tibi; lacrimas dilectae pelle Creusae.

non ego Myrmidonum sedes Dolopumve superbas      785

aspiciam aut Grais servitum matribus ibo,

Dardanis et divae Veneris nurus;

sed me magna deum genetrix his detinet oris.

iamque vale et nati serva communis amorem.’

haec ubi dicta dedit, lacrimantem et multa volentem      790

dicere deseruit, tenuesque recessit in auras.

ARLT Latin Reading Competition

 2012 - results

Senior section:

1 Rex Stretton-Pow

Bristol GS


2 Tim Waghorn

Loughborough Grammar School


3 Brahm Jagpal

Malvern St James


Junior section:

1 Arcadio Fernandez  

Cambridge International School


2 Lucinda Hobden

Malvern St James


3 James Ordish

Loughborough Grammar School



1 Christian Westrip

Sancton Wood School


2 Elizabeth Rees

Malvern St James