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Set Texts on the web and on CD

Recordings of the OCR A level and GCSE verse set texts are on line here to listen to or download.

Previously on offer at  Wilf O’Neill’s Resources for Classics website (which is now no longer available), you may now download "Read it right", a guide to correct Latin pronunciation, from this site.

 It is a Flash program small enough to run straight from the net though there is also a download option.

For a written guide to pronunciation by F.R.Dale, click here

Latin Songs free to use

We now have a collection of easy-to-sing songs in accurate Latin which can be used in Latin Clubs or in the classroom.

Rouse's Chanties

Our founder, WHD Rouse, published a collection of songs in Greek and Latin which he called 'Chanties.' The Latin part of his book is now available here.   A sample:


Jack and Jill in Latin

W.H.D. Rouse, Chanties in Greek and Latin, 2nd ed. (1930):

Gellia atque Gellius

viam petunt in Alpes.

urceos manu tenent

aqua nova replendos.

ecce Gellius prior

cadit caputque frangit,

quem secuta Gelliast

subinde se revertens.

mater ut videt malum

silens utrumque curat.

namque uterque vapulat

bibitque uterque acetum.

A more or less literal translation:

Jill and Jack make their way into the Alps. In their hands they hold pails to be filled with fresh water. Behold, Jack falls first and breaks his head. Jill follows him, tumbling herself right after. When their mother sees the trouble, without a word she takes care of both of them. For both get a whipping and both drink vinegar.

How to advertise Classics

See an article from the files brimming with ideas here.

Latin Teaching Materials at St Louis University

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