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ARLT Refresher Day 2020

ARLT Refresher Day 2019


Saturday 5 March

Directed by Ana Martin

University College


Option Group materials


GCSE Prose

Martin Gibson

Clinics and Questions, translations and notes, improving literary techniques answers, revision activities and more.

Dr Stephen Colvin, UCL  “Ancient Greek (and Latin): grammar, diglossia, and the koiné”

Hilary Walters

How to scan Latin hexameters

Dr. Rosa Andújar, University College London,  “Living the Drama: learning from the UCL Classical Play”

Sarah Parnaby

26 Creative worksheets for studying texts - Pliny, OT, Electra, Bacchae, Antigone, Aeneid, Kyria, Kyrios


Saturday 7th  March

Directed by Helen Morrison

The Grammar School at Leeds

Option Group materials


AS Latin

Martin Gibson

Metamorphoses III - resources and effective ways of teaching the AS set text plus homework tasks

Dr Danielle Frisby, University of Manchester;

“Animals in Epic”

GCSE Latin

Hilary Walters

Aeneid IX set text; preparing for the 8 and 10 mark questions: and more

Professor Malcolm Heath, University of Leeds;

“Sophocles’ Antigone, and how not to be a politician”

GCSE Latin set texts

Pat Bunting

Virgil Nisus and Euryalus - full analysis of the text

Pliny: Avunculus meus; Arria - full analysis of the text


Saturday 1st March

Directed by Liz Scott

 Senate House

  Option Group materials


Starter Activities

Martin Gibson

Prezi file

Dr Rosie Wyles, King’s College, London:

 ‘Drama and Democracy’

Unseen translation

Alison Henshaw

A2 Unseen Translation zip

Professor Catharine Edwards, Birkbeck College, London: ‘Imperial Women of the First Century’

ICT in Classics

Helen Lowe/Ana Martin

Helen Lowe

Classics and ICT

Classics and ICT - Refresher Day 2014

iPad Practical Issues

Greek Epic option

Linda Soames

AS essay titles, Greek Epic 2001 onwards

Odyssey 22 - with gaps

Od. 22 context question ll. 390 - 410

Odyssey AS in 20 sessions

Themes in the Odyssey - O. Lahr

Odyssey crossword 1-12


Saturday 2nd March

Directed by Hilary Walters

Loughborough Grammar School

 Option Group materials

On how to scan the Latin Hexameter -

Geoffrey Osborne

ICT workshop: Mindomo and Memrise -

Alex Smith

Teachng notes on Tacitus 15 - A. Henshaw

3 Power Point presentations by Liz Scott  from the “Lost in Translation” Option Group

Cape murem

Lost in Translation


Experiencing Greek Tragedy - Dr Rosie Wyles

Analysing Latin Style - Prof. Jonathan Powell

“I joined the annual refresher day for the first time this year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought it was very insightful and especially the Minimus course gave me a lot of new and inspiring ideas.”  FD

 “I really enjoyed the refresher day yesterday in Loughborough and all the sessions were useful, but I particularly enjoyed Erika Lax's talk on Minimus.  It's given me lots of ideas for Latin, I'm looking forward to attending next year.” MD


Saturday 3rd March

Directed by Laura Beech

The Senate House, London

Option Group materials:   Ovid: Dr Alison Henshaw

Humour in Ovid

Level Descriptors for 10 mark questions

10 mark questions

amores 3.2 translation, questions, questionsandanswers

amores 3.4 translation, questions, answers

amores 3.5 translation, questions, answers

amores 3.14 translation, questions, answers, sample answers

Ovid bibliography

Role of a lover

The emotions of a Lover


Saturday 5th March

Directed by Peter Geall

King Henry VIII School, Coventry


Siobhan De Souza

State-Private Partnership: Hereford Cathedral School’sLatin Club for local (and not so local) state schools

Jonathan Powell

Latin Pronunciation: how do we know?

Option Group materials

Motivational and Differentiation Strategies

 - Sally Bradley

Nero vs Agrippina; a court divided

Robert West

School Trips to Greece and Rome

Alison Henshaw

Classics Department Development Plan ISI Inspections

 -Linda Soames

Option Groups:

WJEC latin in practice

AS Literature - grill a marker

Greek GCSE/ALevel/ Latin AS/GCSE: David Carter, how to make the most of my workbooks!

Alternatives to Latin AL: IB and Pre-U; pros and cons

School trips to Greece and Italy

Teaching Latin GCSE - on reduced timescale and outside timetable

Thucydides - AL set text

Catullus 46 and 101 for fun

Running a Greek Drama workshop

CLC - differentiation and motivation for Book 2

Latin A2 set text: Tacitus

Classical Civilisation at AS/A2 Greek architectural sculpture

Latin pronunciation - a guide for the nervous

Preparing for ISI inspection 3rd cycle

Greek pronunciation - how do we know?


Saturday 6th March

Directed by Andy Swithinbank

Senate House, London

Option Groups materials:

Problem stages of CLC - Hilary Walters

Stage 13 - Hilary Walters

details of options group content


Aisha Khan-Evans,

Director of Classics PGCE, King’s College:

Assessment For Learning and Classics

Rosie Wyles, University of Nottingham:

Ancient Pantomime Costumes

· Key Stage 3 Classical Civilisation Louise Potter

· Minimus  Michelle Anderson

· CLC ‘Problem’ Stages  Hilary Walters· Approaching GCSE Latin Literature Laura Beech

· Latin at a Gallop Rowan Stephenson

· WJEC Certificates  Liz Scott

· Teaching Virgil’s Aeneid  Kathryn Tempest

· Greek Sculpture and Arch. revision Fiona Gow

· Teaching  Augustus  Lizzie Hayes

· The Historical Novel  Tasos Aidonis

· Ovid’s Metamorphoses Book 8

· Catullus Poems 46 and 101 Geoffrey Osborne

Ovid’s Metamorphoses John Hazel


Saturday March 7th

Directed by Russell Lord

Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge


Saturday 1st March

  Directed by Sarah Parnaby

Senate House, Malet Street, London


Bob Lister On Teaching Classics

Richard Woff

 Friezes, Fragments, Cups and Cuckolds: Greek Art in the British Museum

Option Groups:

First Session

Tacitus Annals 1: Focusing on style and themes

Classroom Games

Practical ideas for dealing with NQT year.

Ideas for teaching 'Women in the Ag.’

Learning Styles and Emotional Intelligence

Third Session

Read it Right! Latin pronunciation made easy

Euripides: What gets lost in translation?

Satire and Society at A Level: a sharing session.

Latin in Next to No Time

School trips with a focus on Roman Britain

Second Session

Aeneid 12 and the influence of Homer

Greek Pronunciation

Fast track GCSE Latin for the Gifted and Talented

Revising Greek and Roman Epic

Life and Times in fifth century Athens


Saturday 3rd March 2007

Director: Peter Geall



David Tristram

on recent trends, and playing the system for the benefit of Classics.

Alison Cooley

 on Pompeii

Option Groups


Classics in the Specialist Schools Programme  Bar Roden

Introducing Latin to comprehensive schools – a case study Allison Caplan

Ideas for teaching and testing vocabulary and inflections  Rachel Thomas

School trips to Italy & Greece Alison Henshaw

AS Latin set text essay & translation: grill an examiner  Robert Grant

Using the inter-active whiteboard for Classics  Steve Llewellyn

Hand-on ICT practice Julian Morgan


Pompeii – Ask the experts Alison and Melvin  Cooley

Promoting classics options: Latin GCSE & Class Civ A level Lynda Goss and Allison Caplan

Latin pronunciation made easy Wilf O’Neill MBE

Teaching grammar through games Mark Davies

Ovid Amores for AS/A2 David Swift

Using classics websites in the classroom Hilary Walters

Hand-on ICT practice David Parsons and Julian Morgan


Teaching Greek outside the timetable: beginners to A level  Jeremy Thomas

Latin to GCSE on a minimal timescale /timetable  Liz Scott

Trips to Roman sites in the UK  Robert Grant

Classroom drama for juniors Linda Soames

Using the Cambridge Latin Course DVD in the classroom  Julie Wilkinson

Hand-on ICT practice Julian Morgan


Saturday 4th March

Director Steve Llewellyn

Institute of legal studies, London university


Professor Roland Mayer

Social Mobility at Rome

Dr Nick Lowe

Mythography Ancient and Modern

Option Groups


Value Added and Classics John Weeds

Looking at resources for Classics teaching at KS3  Linda Soames

GCSE Classical Civilisation  Sarah Parnaby

Horace Odes 1. Poems 1-12  Hilary Waters


Greek GCSE  Judith Affleck

Teaching GCSE Latin Lyn Gordon

School Trips esp. Roman Britain  Peter Geall

Legends to Literature: teaching Homer at KS3 and KS4  Bob Lister


Cicero Pro Milone  Robert West

Read It Right! Latin pronunciation made easy  Wilf O’Neill

The attractiveness of A Level Classical Civilisation  Julie Wolseley

Getting students to opt for Latin at GCSE  Julie Wilkinson


Saturday 5th March 2005

Director Wilf O'Neill, MBE

St Peter's School York


Dr Peter Jones

From Ancient to Modern: Only Connect

Dr Emma Stafford

Hearty appetites: food and drink in Herakles' myth and cult (illustrated) (handout)

Option Groups

ICT update – new software and initiatives Julian Morgan

Classics Trips - why, how and whether to run them David Pritchard

Telling tales: Homer in the primary classroom Bob Lister

Integrating ICT Gill Mead

The Primary Latin Project & Minimus Barbara Bell

"York went really well .... Peter Jones was hilarious. There was a very good feel to the day."

Read it Right! Wilf O’Neill

Cicero: Pro Milone : Robert West

Asconius commentary | booklist  

AQA set texts: different approaches to prose and poetry Tasos Aidonis

Using the interactive whiteboard Steve Llewellyn

Classical Civilisation at GCSE Hilary Walters

Latin in the Prep school Gill Fyffe .

Introducing Classical Civilisation at AS and A level Gill Heyes


Saturday 6th March 2004

Director: Jane Ainsworth

Francis Holland School, London


Professor Philip Hardie, University of Oxford: Aeneid III

DfEE Representative: The Place of Classics in British Education

Option Groups

Richard Woff, British Museum: How to make kouroi interesting

Will Griffiths, CSCP :Latin Online - latest developments

Dr John Taylor, Tonbridge School; Greek to GCSE: a new course.

Approaches to teaching Ciceronian style

Museums as a practical resource in Coursework

Interactive GCSE texts

Pronunciation of the Classical languages

and much more ...


Saturday 1st March 2003

Directed by Wilf O’Neill

University of Leeds


Dr Peter Jones MBE

 From politics to love and sex: are the Greeks and Romans trying to tell us something?

Professor Pat Easterling

Ancient Drama for Modern Audiences

Option Groups:

1.1 Homer from start to finish!!

(Works in IE)

1.2 Online Greek?

1.3 Latin for younger pupils: from Primers to Primary Latin Project

1.4 Read it right! Basic Latin pronunciation

1.5 Coursework for Classical Civilisation

2.1 Electronic resources for Latin

2.2 Teaching Tacitus (AS/A2)

2.3 Is good citizenship teachable?

2.4 Teaching Archaeology

2.5 Teaching tragedy for AS/A2 Classical Civilisation

3.1 Latin GCSE OCR set texts

Verse authors

Aeneid IV 1-14

Aeneid VI Test 2


Aeneid II 268-297

3.2 Into the labyrinth - IT and Classics

3.3 The Aeneid and Augustus

3.4 Latin on a shoestring

3.5 Unseen, unspoken and unheard?

"It was a good day yesterday in Leeds; Wilf had worked very hard preparing everything, and it all went very smoothly, with an encouraging attendance (over 70!) and an excellent lunch!"

"We had a good day yesterday - 70 people and some excellent sessions."


Saturday 4th March

Directed by Steph Roberts

Solihull School

Option Group materials


Ana Henderson

Ovid - Advice for would-be lovers, worksheets

Alex Orgee  Caroline Bristow (OCR Subject Specialists) The new GCSE & AL C.C. Specs:  summary document  -  presentation ppt

Fiona Gow

AQA Greek Tragedy option, questions on the set plays

Prof. Alison Cooley: Meeting the Romans in Oxford: the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project  - presentation. ppt

Jayne Treasure

Minimus - link to the website, which has many resources

Hilary Walters

GCSE Greek set text: Xenophon, considering style and extended response questions: Anabasis | Agesliaus

Laura Beech:

preparation for GCSE prose texts from CLA and Aeneid 1

Philip Harper

Using the ARLT Antiquities collection in the classroom, approaches to teaching using artefacts.


Robert West

AS Latin Prose Lit set text pro Milone

Loughborough Grammar School: 2nd March 2019

Dr Alex Mullen of the University of Nottingham, introduced by Course Director, Philip Harper,  delivers

The Archaeology of Words

to the assembled Arelates

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ARLT Refresher Day 2020

The London Oratory School : Saturday 7th March directed by Jessica Dixon.

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Lauren Bright: Eduqas GCSE Latin Paper 3 Narratives Pliny The Eruption of Vesuvius - download all as .zip

Pliny Vesuvius spaced for style notes .doc

Ideas for 12 mark essay questions  .doc

Understanding the Pliny translation .doc

Pliny mock 2020 .pdf  ,doc

Pliny 12 marks 1 .doc

Examiner guidelines on 8 mark questions  .doc

Pliny 8 marks 1  .doc

Examiner guidelines on 12 mark questions  .doc