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This program was the work of Wilf O’Neill and was originally available on his website “Resources for Classics”.   Sadly, Wilf is no longer with us and neither is his website. We now offer Read it Right as a tribute to a former stalwart of ARLT and in his memory.


Welcome to Read It Right!

Here you can learn how to read Latin the way the Romans did - or as close as we can get to it. We know a lot about how the Romans pronounced their language and a little effort in 'reading it right' will pay dividends in terms of enjoyment and understanding. Always remember though that Latin was a living language with a literature that lives on today. Try to bring the words to life when reading even if it means the occasional lapse in correctness. As in music, the most enjoyable performance is not always the most technically accurate one!

Above all, enjoy reading Latin and learning how to do it properly.


Warning - for iPad users. This programme requires Flash, which iPad Safari does not support. However, you can download the Photon Flash Player and Browser (for free, or very little) to your iPad from the App. Store and Read it Right  will work. You will also see much more of this site, working as intended!

In the programme, there is a page entitled “Further Information”,  which refers you to the website “Resources for Classics”.  Please ignore this, as this site is no longer in existence and also the postal address, which is no longer valid.

Please refer any problems or comments concerning “Read it Right” to the webmaster.

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The programme uses the Flash Player which can be downloaded here if you do not already have it on your machine.

Read it right!