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Perse Latin Plays

by R. B. Appleton



Page 4:  Gemini

Page 6:  Puer qui a ludo se abstinuit

Page 12:   Somnium

Page 16:   Furtum


THE object of these plays is to improve the teaching of Latin in the lower and middle forms of schools by making the Latin lessons more interesting to the boys. All masters will admit that if they can get their boys interested they can do good work with them ; and the masters at the Perse School have found that the use of these and similar plays has been a powerful factor in producing a lively interest and delight in the classical lessons.

They are intended primarily for those who employ the direct method of teaching Latin, but they may be used equally well by those who have not yet adopted that method—their use may help to convert them. But it is hoped that they will help to fill a gap which must often have worried all classical teachers, namely the lack of simple Latin texts which can be read at a pace quick enough to provide interest to those who have only a moderate acquaintance with the Latin language. It is high time that we gave up spending weary hours in stumbling through a few chapters of Caesar and Livy ; let us postpone the reading of these authors until they can be read quickly enough to be enjoyed, and meanwhile let us give our boys something which, while providing a good preparation for the reading of the classical authors themselves, will, instead of producing a premature weariness of the classics, so enliven the hours of classical teaching that boys will have acquired a love for the language even before they come to read the great authors who wrote in it.

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