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ARLT Newsletter 30; January 2006

Dear Fellow Classicist,

I have got myself a new laptop, and so am in business again, but have not been able to transfer everything from old to new, so may have forgotten many important matters.


Refresher Day on March 4th


One of our two major events in the year is the Refresher Day, held on the first Saturday each March. The location alternates between the London area and somewhere a bit further north.

This year it's in London, at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in Russell Square.

Professor Roland Mayer is speaking on 'Social Mobility in Rome', which suggests that every legionary had an imperator's baton in his knapsack, and Dr Nick Lowe is addressing 'Mythography Ancient and Modern.' In between, you can choose from 13 different option groups, and you'll even have half an hour from me, about using the internet (but don't let that put you off).

The full details are on the website: /home/arltcouk/public_html/refresher2006.php


Manchester and District Branch of the Classical Association


Stephen Todd has sent me details of this year's Sixth form half-day school on OCR Latin set texts.

It's on Wednesday 15th February, 2.00-4.30pm, with a lecture on each of the set texts, by Dr. Mary Beagon (Manchester) on Cicero, Dr. James Thorne (Manchester) on Livy, Dr Eleanor O’Kell (Leeds) on Virgil, and Prof. Roy Gibson (Manchester) on Horace.

Stephen is the person to contact:

I've put the full details and application form on line. You can download it from this page:


From Brian Bishop


I have just read an article about cooperation culminating in a meeting between the Sir Thomas Rick's School (Gloucester, England), the Cavour state middle school (Modeno, Italy) and middle school Tsanko Tsenkovsky (Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria) under a language project that seems to translate as Alternative Communication between European Schools.

It struck me that some progressive Latin teachers might similarly like to link with schools in other countries through Latin.


What's new on the ARLT website?


Just for fun, I've put a tag-board on the site, where you can put any short comment you fancy. It hasn't had much use yet. The comments seem to disappear after a day or two.

More seriously, the Summer School brochure is there now, as well as the Refresher Day details already mentioned.

There are more goodies in the For Teachers section - thanks, Veronica.

The main activity is on the Blog, where the number of articles has just passed one thousand. I recently arranged the topical index more logically. I'm afraid there isn't a search engine yet, but by clicking on a topic in the left hand menu you should get a good selection of useful stuff. 13 people so far have registered to be informed of any new articles, either those on specific topics or all articles posted.

I'm afraid there are some problems with our audio files. I haven't yet received the newest set texts, but the best way to hear those that are on line is to right click and save as .... Then you have them on your own computer, to use at any time.




I mentioned in the September Newsletter that my dear friend had had an operation for a brain tumour. It proved to be a very fast-growing cancer, and she died six weeks later.

Her name was Sue MacDougall, and one or two with long memories might recall her talk on Rome and the Renaissance at a Summer School in Exeter. There is a small tribute site at

I hope that the gap in newsletters, partly a computer problem but also a personal one as you will understand, will not happen again any time soon.

Best wishes