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Newsletter 2: February 2003

From David Parsons, Association for Latin Teaching


Greetings! I hope you are having/will have a happy and restful half term break. You deserve it.

Thanks and apology

Thanks to those who responded to the first newsletter, and apologies to you all for sending it out twice. I didn't believe it had really gone the first time, so I hit the 'send' key again ... Sorry!

Refresher Day

Only ten days to go to the Refresher Day in Leeds. If you haven't booked in yet, do visit and check out the programme and booking form. Apart from a wide selection of Option Groups, there are lectures from Peter Jones and Pat Easterling, and that can't be bad.

The ARLT web site

The ArLT web site is growing and changing weekly, almost daily. You can now find, for example, a review of the current Actors of Dionysus production of Agamemnon, a bit about Charles Clarke and Classics, a printed guide to Latin pronunciation and link to a free audio guide, thirty-seven songs in Latin to use in class or in the Classics Club and dates of the 2004 Refresher Course and Summer School. From the About Us section you can go to a page on ARLT founder Rouse, with a fascinating transcript of one of his sixth form lessons conducted entirely in Latin. I have been adding photographs of ARLT officers, Rouse, Peter Jones, the school where this year's Summer School is to be held, and more. Pay the site a visit and add it to your favourites list.

Radio 5, Peter Jones and ARLT site

Radio 5 Live's Matthew Bannister held a discussion on his late evening show last week with Peter Jones about reports of a revival in Latin teaching, and he and his fellow-presenters read out some of the pop song Latin versions from the ArLT web site to see if Peter would recognise the songs. Peter would have done even better at deciphering their spoken Latin if they had studied the pronunciation guide on our web site ...

Report on the 2002 Summer School

Rupert Smith's Report on the 2002 Summer School is on the web site as I promised last time, on the Summer School page, with three photos taken during the week.


May I remind you about the chat room. Visit the web site 7 pm GMT Mondays, click on 'Chat' and then on the number (or the word 'none') under 'Chatters' and you're there.

Blowing my own trumpet

An invitation to visit my own web site at for Classical resources for teachers, and particularly the section that I am working on, about the Greek theatre. I hope that this section will eventually be a resource that pupils can use. But it's definitely work in progress at present. Your comments, both positive and negative, will be most welcome.