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Newsletter 13: March 2004

Dear Classical Friend,

I know it is only a couple of days since I sent out the February newsletter, but I have just received a couple of interesting emails and I thought I would pass on the news straight away. By the way, sorry about all those slashes in the last two newsletters. They seem to come with apostrophes, so I shall try not to use apostrophes.


Troy the Movie - a trailer


Veronica Kotziamani has sent this note about a trailer on the web. It took my computer quite a time to download, even with broadband, but it is nice to see it. It is 1½ minutes long.

There are now two trailers for Troy the movie. The longer and more interesting one is found on Dark Horizons - it is the one prepared for the Japanese market, but it is in English. (My son is an actor living and working in Hollywood. He told me about it.

Sadly, I think we are going to be very disappointed. He tells me he has heard there is a Roman general fighting there!! - Let us hope THAT ended up on the cutting room floor.)


Crisis for Classics Teaching in France


Brian Bishop has sent on a petition, with covering note -

I have received the following from the Cambridge Society for Neo-Latin Studies. I think it deserves pride of place in the next Newsletter, if not sooner, and all the support that we can give it:

"Please find below an electronic petition to save the place of Latin and Greek in French secondary schools. There are non-French as well as French signatories on the list. When filling in post code, those not resident in France should put a zero.

Andrew Taylor (CSNLS)"

APPEL POUR LE LATIN ET LE GREC Signature en ligne : Liste des signataires : "

Although we in Britain are not yet, so far as I am aware, facing such an immediate catastrophe, Classics are suffering death just as surely, although by a thousand cuts -- examination numbers ever declining, classics teacher recruitment down, departments closing .... Government antipathy is just as strong, albeit more subtle, in Britain. What is A.R.L.T. doing?


Learning Greek on line


Hilary Walters has drawn my attention to a potentially useful web site for anyone who want to learn Greek but lacks a teacher. She asks: "Have you checked out Leeds Grammar School's online Greek course - they want more pupils from Sept. 2004 ?"

The web site does not provide a sample lesson for the casual web surfer, as far as I can see, but have a look anyway.

David (on St David's Day!)