The Association for Latin Teaching

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Newsletter 1: January 2003

From David Parsons, Association for Latin Teaching


Thank you for signing up to the Association for Latin Teaching web site. We do value your interest. Classics teaching is under greater threat than ever, and we need to help and encourage each other.

An apology

I have just retired and at last have more time to look after the site. This is why you did not receive an acknowledgement straight away. I hope you will accept my apologies. It is my intention to keep in touch in future.

Your help welcomed

As with all active web sites, ours is continually under construction. I shall be grateful to know if links don't work, or if pages can't be seen satisfactorily in your browser.

Inset training - the Summer School

If you haven't been to an ArLT Summer School, I can recommend this year's school at Lord Wandsworth College. These annual courses alternate between a longer Monday-to-Saturday and a shorter Thursday-to-Sunday one; this year we offer the shorter course. Details of the course are on the site: /home/arltcouk/public_html/arlt_db.php?catID=4 and the web site of Lord Wandsworth College is I recommend the page 'Visit us' for a general aerial view of the school and an overall description.

Teachers from outside the UK might well consider slotting the Summer School into a trip to Britain with all its Roman sites, not forgetting the British Museum. We have been delighted to welcome participants from Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Greece and the USA in the past, and look forward to more international friendships.

I hope to be putting a review of last year's Summer School on the site in the next few days.

The Chat Room

Monday at 7 pm GMT is the time to visit the site each week and click on 'Chat'. Hilary our President will be there with anyone else who cares to log in and chew over anything to do with teaching, with Classics, or with the Association. Now that I have more time, I may be prepared to miss my favourite radio 'soap' and join in. Perhaps I'll meet you there.