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The Association for Latin Teaching



Epigrams 1.15.11-12

Live now!

Epigrams 1.109

Issa est passere nequior Catulli

Epigrams 4.8

The city hour by hour (759 kb)

Epigrams 5.9

Two nightmare doctors (1) languebam sed tu comitatus

Epigrams 5.20

The good life (805 kb)

Epigrams 5.42

Two sides to Martial’s character (1)

Epigrams 6.53

Two nightmare doctors (2)

Epigrams 6.82

Two sides to Martial’s character (2)

Epigrams 9.15

Two Roman wives - Chloe

Epigrams 10.47

Recipe for happiness

Epigrams 10.62

magister ludi, parce simplici turbae : school holidays

Epigrams 11.69

Epitaph for Lydia: amphitheatrales inter nutrita magistros

Epigrams 12.46(47)

Contradictions (546 kb)

Recordings of Latin and Greek literature made by ARLT members