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The Ultimate Guide to University Admissions interviews

The guide showcases some of the most common questions asked during an interview, as well as tips on how students can best answer them. It also shares advice on how to present oneself to make a good impression; such as being assertive (but not overbearing), using strong and confident body language, type of clothes to wear, and plenty of other practical and useful information.

Michael Morris ;Freelance Writer | Web Researcher Digital Content & Media e:

And ,by the same author:

A School Leavers Guide to getting a Job in Scotland

Private Tuition

Individual tutors and Companies advertise here

Classics Teacher Training - dedicated to teacher training in Classics


Joint Association of Classical Teachers

Classical Association

Friends of Classics Peter Jones' articles and much more

Classical Association of Ireland - teachers - excellent range of teaching resources for Latin, Greek and Classical Studies, free to download

American Classical League

Hellenic Society

Roman Society

University Classics Departments

All UK Universities with Classics departments are list here

Oxford University Classics

Oxford Classics outreach

Cambridge University Classics

Council of University Classics Departments.

C.N.A.R.E.L.A. (French Classical Association)

Classics Publishers

Oxford University Press

Cambridge Latin Course

Classics Booksellers

The Hellenic Book Service 

Despite its name, supplies all Classics books. Provides bookshop at all ArLT events.

The Classics Bookshop  Formerly in Oxford, now in Burford

Classics Books Part of Knaresborough Bookshop

Greek Drama

The Actors of Dionysus

Didascalia  An on-line academic magazine on Greek drama.

The News in Latin

Monthly news from Radio Bremen

Weekly news from Radio Finland


Classical Resources

Latin and Greek for all - a resources site

Loxias (900 classical pages by Andrew Wilson)

The Perseus Project Vast resources of ancient texts and pictures

Promoting Latin (American emphasis, with plenty of campaigning material.)

Pyrrha (The video 'Roman Writing Unravelled')

David Parsons (One former teacher's classroom resources)

Forum Romanum An immense resource of ancient texts and pictures

David Swift's Classical Resource Centre

The British Museum

Latinum Latin Language course and audio resources for learning to speak and read Latin fluently

Other Useful Sites

CICERO competition website

Iota and Iris Magazines

Legio XIIII, a reenactment group that puts on a good Roman day in school

Xcalibre for gifted and talented pupils

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To check the Roman date for your classroom, try this.

A good reading of Iliad 18, lines 39-96, including the tonal accent, can be heard here. Other Greek extracts are also on this site.

To hear all the tunes that survive from the Greek world, listen here. You may be convinced ...

Education Guardian Weekly.

The Tutor Pages have a good number of articles written by Latin tutors for students. For example here is a link to the A-level Latin homepageRecommended by The Good Schools Guide, The Tutor Pages is an all-round resource for parents, students and tutors.

Life Coach Directory  - set up in order to raise awareness of coaching and to enable visitors to find the most suitable qualified coach for their needs. Coaching is the process of guiding a person from where they are to where they want to be, and can address a range of areas from coping with stress to confidence coaching. Often students use life coaching as they approach exams as it allows them to address any fear or anxiety.

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