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Everything here has been contributed freely by practising teachers. If you have material of your own which you are willing to share, please send it in directly to the webmaster

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Refresher Day 2017

Ana Henderson

Ovid - Advice for would-be lovers, worksheets

Alex Orgee  Caroline Bristow (OCR Subject Specialists) The new GCSE and AL C.C. Specs:  summary document   -   presentation ppt

Fiona Gow

AQA Greek Tragedy option, questions on the set plays

Hilary Walters

GCSE Greek set text: Xenophon, considering style and extended response questions: Anabasis | Agesliaus

Prof. Alison Cooley: Meeting the Romans in Oxford: the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project  - presentation. ppt

Philip Harper

Using the ARLT Antiquities collection in the classroom, approaches to teaching using artefacts.


Laura Beech:

preparation for GCSE prose texts from CLA and Aeneid 1

Robert West

AS Latin Prose Lit set text pro Milone

 Summer School 2016

A new papyrus of Euripides

Patrick Finglass, Nottingham University

Roman Leicester

Nick Cooper, Leicester University

After the Assassination: Cicero and Brutus

Kathryn Tempest, Roehampton University

Handout  pdf

The cost of power and the power of sadness: grief as stimulus to action in the Aeneid

Helen Lovatt, Nottingham University - Handout  - text -

Working together to support Classics and the Humanities ppt

Helen Lovatt:

Decisions, decisions; Divination in Ancient Greece

Esther Eidinow, Nottingham University

Handout pdf

Starting out in Latin.doc; Using Minimus.doc - Linda Soames

Pro Milone -R.West: some caveats - handout- photo-watch -

A Lincolnshire Poacher - Stage 2 Song   

Hilary Walters, as sung by ARLT choir

The new OCR qualifications in Classics ppt- Caroline Bristow

Refresher Day 2016

GCSE Prose, Martin Gibson - How to scan Latin hexameters, Hilary Walters - Creative worksheets for set texts, Sarah Parnaby

Summer School 2015 - Lectures

The Romans in Wales

Frank Olding

Ancient technology

Tracey Rihll

The Transformations of Pentheus


Genevieve Liveley

Stoics and Epicureans on the end of the world


Jonathan Griffiths

Epic from Homer to Nonnus  


Camille Geisz, HMSG

Classics in Education

Richard Pring, Oxford

Aeneid 6: Becoming Roman


Matthew Leigh, Oxford

Elision in Latin poetry


John Hazel, ARLT

Heroism in the Iliad

Ian Repath, Swansea

Magna Carta  


Jonathan Powell, RHUL

Option Groups 2015

A2 Classical Civ. : Comedy 1 2 3     Margaret Baird

Embedding ICT into Teaching/Learning Classics

Helen Lowe and Steven Hunt

OCR GCSE verse literature - Helen Morrison

Catullus 8 - Rejection in Love

Catullus  51 - Jealousy takes over

Catullus 70 and 85

Margaret Baird Helen Morrison Helen Lowe

Refresher Day 2015

The Grammar School at Leeds

Directed by Helen Morrison

Ovid Metamorphoses III; AS set text  

resources and effective ways of teaching text; plus 7 homework tasks

Martin Gibson

Aeneid IX, GCSE set text - Nisus and Euryalus

preparing for the 8 and 10 mark questions

2015 Aeneid 9

2015 Year 11 Aeneid Mock exam

Aeneid 9 176 test;  model answer

Aeneid 9 308 test

Character of Nisus

Hilary Walters

Nisus and Euryalus - full analysis of the text

Pat Bunting

Pliny GCSE set texts

Avunculus meus; Arria -analysis of the texts

Pat Bunting

Summer School 2014

St John’s College,Durham

Directed by Tasos Aidonis

Aeneid IV mp3 |  handout ; Llewelyn Morgan

WJEC vocabulary ppt| WJEC translate.pptx | Teaching WJEC literature pptx ; zip  Liz Scott

Women in Greece ; Martin Gibson

Women in Rome; Martin Gibson

Being Creative with CLC; Margaret Baird zip

1 ARLT (.ppt )

2 Caesar Salad (.pub)

3 Call my Bluff (.docx )

4 Vocab tester by Rosie Baird (.ppt)

5 Nivea et Instrumentum resonans (.doc) 6 Nivea et instrumentum resonans trans (.doc)

7 Ovid for Caesar Salad (.pub)

GCSE set texts Q’s; Tilly Cooper

Pliny | Virgil

I-pad issues | Teaching Greek | Classics & ICT | H.Lowe, K. Tempest

Prose Composition; Tasos Aidonis

Ovid Met. III 511-733; H. Morrison zip

1 Starters (.docx)

2 Good habits (.docx)

3 Text discussion 1 (.docx)

4 Text discussion final (.docx)

5 Summary (.docx)

6 Resources (.docx)

Augustus, Senate and City of Rome - Amy Russell

3 Electras | handout | Sarah Miles, Durham

Commem. of Anniversaries under Augustus. handout ;  Penelope Goodman, Leeds

Evaluations of Augustus from his own day to now - Penelope Goodman, Leeds

Refresher Day 2014

Senate House, London

Directed by Liz Scott

A2 Unseen Translation zip:  Alison Henshaw

Classics and ICT -

Helen Lowe, Ana Martin

iPad Practical Issues - Helen Lowe

Classics ICT- RD 2014-

Helen Lowe and Ana Martin

Starter activities Prezi - Martin Gibson

Greek epic: handouts by Linda Soames

AS essay titles, Greek Epic 2001 onwards

Odyssey 22 - with gaps

Od. 22 context question ll. 390 - 410

Odyssey AS in 20 sessions

Themes in the Odyssey - O. Lahr

Odyssey crossword 1-12

starjump over Hadrian's Wall - Kate Bedford

Summer School 2013

Roehampton University

 Directed by Alex Smith

Vase Animation: Sonya Nevin


Reading Virgil: John Hazel | audio

Classics on Campus - audio

Susan Deacy

Classical Book Club: Linda Soames

Women in the Odyssey - docx

Peter Jones

Antigone for A2 Cl. Civ.: Fiona Gow

Ovid’s Bacchae -  audio

Fiachra Mac Gorain

Odyssey 21: Pat Bunting / Helen Morrison

Pompeian Reception audio | doc | ppt

Rosemary Barrow

Ann.15: 20-37 | 38-45 | style Alison Henshaw

Philosophy and Tyranny; Seneca and Nero

Jenny Bryan

Classics and ICT: Helen Lowe:

The Aeneid - audio

William Fitzgerald

pptx | morfo Plato | morfo Socrates

A Eulogy of Pompey

Kathryn Tempest

Latin Translation at GCSE: : Liz Scott

 play and learn vocab ppt | Read and translate ppt | The story of Conor (inspired by Litini Newcombe)

Refresher Day 2013

Teaching Tacitus XV -  Alison Henshaw

Tacitus’ style

Is this really history (is it meant to be?)

Tacitus Annals 15. 20-23, 33-45 events

A2 Questions

ICT workshop -  Alex Smith

Mindomo and Memrise

Latin hexameters - Geoffrey Osborne

Latin hexameters

Plato’s Protagoras - Hilary Walters

20 files, zipped (all pdf, except 2 .docx )

Summer School 2012

Why History needs Art

Carrie Vout

Storytelling workshop

Steve Killick and Mark Rivitt

Teaching and learning in a mixed-ability context

Tara Atkinson

Learning Latin as a foreign language during the Roman Empire

Eleanor Dickey

What to wear when entertaining the god - costume and mask in the ancient theatre

Rosie Wyles

Wenlock Olympian Society - the Olympic connection

Chris Cannon

Plutarch and Shakespeare

Chris Pelling

Language Teaching

David Carter

Option Group teaching materials

Tacitus annales XV (1 page) docx

Alex Smith

Tacitus annales XV  (10 pages) pdf

Alison Henshaw

ICT web workshop docx

Alex Smith

Sagae Thessalae - some ten markers docx

Helen Morrison

How to read Virgil pdf

John Hazel

Summer School 2011

Option Group teaching materials

Verres - notes on the speech Alex Smith

Verres - notes on resources

Virgil Book VIII and Book II :A.Aidonis zip file

Book VIII lines 37 - 83  notes Alex Smith

Verres brief summary H. Morrison

Practice Paper 66-83 Alex Smith

School Trips information exchange

From Bristol Summer School 2009

Peter Geall

 Classics Trips at Home & Abroad

Session 1 - Why, where, when, and with whom?

Session 2 - UK: Hadrian's Wall, Fishbourne, Bath,

Chester (+ B M, Richborough, Chedworth)

Session 3 - Bay of Naples, Rome by Eurostar / sleeper

Day Visits - general

Day visits - specific sites

Hadrian's Wall.

Italy trips tips.

Philosophy and general principles.

Residential trips - general.



GCSE Latin language

Thucydides exercises, including unseen comprehensions,  zip file Robert West

A level Latin Prose composition

GCSE Greek Literature:

A level Latin unseens  AS  | A2

Odyssey 9: Test Questions  L. Beech

 GCSE Latin set texts

Odyssey 9 :231- 400 trans.  L. Beech

Starting out in Latin - Linda Soames  

General advice on A level Set Texts  Brian Bishop

Other links

The Classics Library

Has a large selection of teaching notes on set texts, past and present. Free registration and log in required

The Classical Resource Centre

has teaching notes on a wide range of A Level and GCSE topics and check the ever expanding legacy page

GCSE Latin notes

A good range of GCSE Latin notes put on line by a Cambridge student

Past OCR exam papers, together with teaching materials contributed by teachers, can be accessed by joining the OCR on line Classics Community

Everything here has been contributed freely by practising teachers. If you have material of your own which you are willing to share, please send it in directly to the webmaster

Summer School 2017

Lectures - audio files


Option Groups

Clades Variana;  Ben Kane


Greek Theatre; Martin Gibson - huge zip file packed with useful stuff on theatre/tragedy/comedy

Marching along Hadrian’s Wall;  Ben Kane


WJEC/Eduquas Latin lit. - Lynda Goss/Liz Scott - zip of 9 files - themes, narratives, GCSE 2018 preparation

ACE: Advocating Classics Education; Prof. Edith Hall


GCSE Verse booklet; Ana Henderson - exercises and worksheets designed to steer pupils towards a more independent approach (CLA)

 Philip Harper - Curator of ARLT antiquities collection; antiquities in the classroom


Common Entrance Latin; Linda Soames - zip with 20 files of resources

Virgil, Aeneid 8;  Prof. Matthew Leigh


CLC IVB; Lauren Douglas - the “forgotten unit”,  but can be useful at A Level…. zip of 10 files

Classics and Film; Dr Joanna Paul


Colloquia Latina; A. Gratius Avitus - .docx file, with a comprehensive introduction to getting started with spoken Latin.

Roman Britain and the Bloomberg Tablets;

Dr Christopher Grocock

zip file. ppt, handout .doc, tablets.doc

AL Latin,Tacitus Ann.1, 3-7, 11-14, 46-49 - Hilary Walters;  timeline and family tree .pdf

Roman Food; Sally Grainger

zip file; .ppt, handout .doc

Curses; Dr Esther Eidinow


Summer School 2018

Option Groups

Greek Religion; Rachel Hopley

Anthropomorphism sources .docx | Sources for the Eleusinian Mysteries handout . docx Visual Sources .ppt