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Recordings of Latin and Greek literature made by ARLT members.

Odes 1.1

Maecenas atavis

Odes 1.2

iam satis terris

Odes 1.3

sic te diva potens Cypri

Odes 1.4

solvitur acris hiemps grata vice veris et Favoni

Odes 1.5

quis multa gracilis te puer in rosa

Odes 1.5

(another reading)

Odes 1.6

scriberis Vario

Odes 1.7

laudabunt alii

Odes 1.8

Lydia, dic, per omnes

Odes 1.9

vides ut alta stet nive candidum

Odes 1.9

(another reading) Make the most of your youth

Odes 1.10

Mercuri facunde nepos Atlantis

Odes 1.11

tu ne quaesieris

Odes 1.12

quem virum aut heroa lyra vel acri

Odes 1.13

cum tu Lydia

Odes 1.14

o navis

Odes 3.13

o fons Bandusiae

Odes 3.13

(another reading)

Odes 4.7

diffugere nives, redeunt iam gramina campis:

Nature and Man……. Spring and thoughts of mortality

Satires 1.6  

lines 71-89  The poet’s education

Satires 1.6  

lines 111-131

Satires 2.6

olim rusticus urbanum murem mus

Epode 2

Horace: the pleasures of country life

Epode 2

The sights, sounds and seasons of the countryside