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 I have to begin this newsletter with Angela Felgate, whose death from cancer ten days ago at the age of 55 saddened all of us who knew her. It was expected and yet a shock. Coleridge has an achingly beautiful marginal note in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner:

"In his loneliness and fixedness he yearneth towards the journeying Moon, and the stars that still sojourn, yet still move onward; and everywhere the blue sky belongs to them, and is their appointed rest and their native country and their own natural homes, which they enter unannounced, as lords that are certainly expected, and yet there is a silent joy at their arrival."

Angela's death was 'certainly expected' and yet there is a silent, deep, shared sorrow at her departure, among ARLT members as well as at Talbot Heath School. I wrote briefly in the ARLT Blog when I heard the sad news from Robert West - you can see what I wrote at .

Robert has explained: "Since her diagnosis four to five years ago, she had become progressively less active in ARLT, which is why some of you will not have known her, but she made a very deliberate and brave appearance for one day at the Summer School in 2003."

He says: "She edited the JACT Review for us for some years, and enlivened many a Summer School."

Her funeral service will be at St Aldhelm's Church, Branksome on Friday, 22nd April at 2.30 p.m. followed by committal at Bournemouth Crematorium. Inquiries re flowers or charitable donations to Tapper Funeral Service, Poole (Tel. 01202 673164). I am sorry that I shall be at the memorial service for a cousin at just that time and so shall be unable to be present. I believe that she has entered her 'appointed rest and .. native country' and her own natural home, and there is joy in heaven, whether silent or tumultuous, at her arrival.

Angela Felgate

The following is from David Parsons’ ARLT Newsletter 24, dated April 2005

We are very sad to announce the death of Angela Felgate at the early age of 55.

Angela was an active and valued member of the Association until prevented by illness from active participation.

She has left the Association a generous legacy to be used for bursaries to those attending their first Summer School.