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ARLT Latin Reading Competition  












Intermediate (Year 10 & 11) and Senior (Year 12 & 13)

Record yourself reading Aeneid 4 296-319 ‘at regina .. exue mentem.’

Special focus: quantities – make sure you observe long and short vowels.  A copy of the text with macrons marked is available on the website.

Please use this link to hear a recording of this passage:

Maximum of 2 entries per category per school

Junior (Years 8 & 9)

Record yourself reading Cambridge Latin Course Stage 17 p78-79 ‘tumultus II’ lines 9-28

 (‘faber per fenestram ... te defendebat.’)

Maximum of 3 entries per school.  If you need a paper copy of the text please contact Hilary Walters

 (address below).

Send recordings by 19th February 2018 by email to:

Please preface each recording by stating school, student’s name and year, and include these details in the name of the MP3 file.  Please check your recording to make sure it has recorded properly.

Advice on pronunciation can be found at:

and help with reading hexameter verse at:

Entries will be judged on accuracy of pronunciation and ability to convey the meaning and mood of the passage.  For verse, sensitivity to metre will also be noted.  These features will be given approximately equal weighting.  Short vowels that are elided should be completely dropped where appropriate; long vowels in elision should be pronounced short and run together with the succeeding vowel in such a way as to fit one metrical slot (synaloepha).

Winners will be announced in March/April 2018 on the ARLT website and by email to the winning schools.  Book tokens will be given as prizes.

For further information please contact Hilary Walters on

Download these instructions: .pdf or .doc

Download the Virgil text with macrons marked:  .pdf or .docx