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Common Entrance Exam

In response to a request for guidance in dealing with the 'non-linguistic studies' section of the Common Entrance Latin exam, this page will collect links to helpful sources.

The Romans has some very useful pages on much of what is included in the non-linguistic topics.

The non-linguistic topics are as follows: suggested links are only starting points.....

Domestic Life

This might be a good starting point:

Roman housing: layout and rooms; decoration [wall painting and mosaics] ; furniture; amenities.

Roman slavery: sources; purchase; conditions and treatment; possibility and methods of freedom.

Roman daily life: clothingfood and mealsbathing

Life and death: coming of agemarriagedeath and burial

The City of Rome

The Army and Roman Britain

Roman Britain - a good place to start

Army: organisation; equipment; camp; tombstones

Roman Britain: general historical outline; Julius Caesar; Claudius; Caratacus and Boudicca; towns, villas; Hadrian's Wall.

Greek Mythology

Perseus and Medusa

Theseus and the Minotaur

The Labours of Hercules

Jason and the Golden Fleece

The Trojan War

The wanderings of Odysseus

The syllabus informs us that "Questions are broadly based and are intended to elicit comprehension of the topics covered, enjoyment and sound English rather than the bare repetition of facts. Guidance may be given as to what ought to be included in the essay questions but there is an opportunity to give a personal response to the topic being examined. There is a wealth of resources available to the teacher and the scope and methods of approaching this section are left to the teacher's discretion."