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Antiquities  Real Roman and Greek Artefacts for use in Schools

The Collection

The ARLT Antiquities Collection consists of original Greek and Roman artefacts, arranged by topic for use in the classroom.

Most of the collection is housed in easily portable plastic boxes. Collection and delivery can be arranged with the Curator to suit individual needs. It is also available for hire at the ARLT Summer School and Inset Days. There are seven sets of materials, each backed up with information and ideas for use. The hire charge is £1 per set per month.

Set 1 Building Materials

Wall plaster, tesserae, floor tiles, imbrex, tegula, antefixa, nails, keys and a door lock plate

Set 2  Pottery

Fragments of Mycenaean pottery, oil bottles, kylix, fragments of black and red figure ware, amhorae handles, examples of Samian ware, replica cups from Vaphio. (This fragile collection is housed in a stout wooden box)

Set 3  Fashion

Roman mirror and case, bronze rings, brooches, a bracelet, spindle, whorl, loom weights and a perfume jar.

Set 4 Baths and Food

Oil bottle and two strigils, a pestle, Samian ware dish rims, an ox tooth and an oyster shell.

Set 5  The Army, Religion and Writing

Roman arrow and spear head, shield boss, votive objects, stili, small inscribed piece of marble and a steelyard.

Set 6  Lamps

A comprehensive collection of 24 Greek and Roman oil lamps

Set of Study Prints

Nine posters of Greek sites as they are today, overlaid with lift-up acetate reconstructions of the original buildings.

Includes Knossos, Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, Acropolis, Parthenon, Olympia and Delphi - an invaluable aid for teaching Classical Civilisation

Coin Collection:

Set 1: Coins of Ancient Rome

Set 2: The Roman Monetary System - list

Set 3: Coins of Ancient Greece

Set 4: The Gods of Greece and Rome

For further information contact the Curator:

Philip Harper: philipharper5(at)

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