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Illuminating Darkness: Reading the Aeneid through Lucan’s Bellum Civile

Dr.Elaine Sanderson  Liverpool  University    .ppt .mp4

Ovid the protofeminist? Amores and Metamorphoses for the me-too generation                  .docx     .mp4

Prof. Alison Sharrock,  Manchester University

Fun with fragments: Lucilius and Roman poetry, with reference to Virgil, Horace and Ovid     .ppt    .mp4

Prof. Llewellyn Morgan, Oxford University

Dragons and the Weather over Medieval Europe: the Afterlife on an Ancient Idea        .pdf       .mp4

Dr. Paul Hayward, Lancaster University

Summer School 2020 27th - 30th July

Director: Laura Beech


Ana HendersonAna MartinLauren BrightLaura Beech Director of the Summer SchoolHelen Lowe

All resources produced for this event are available for download from the “For Teachers” area.

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Paul Hayward Alison Sharrock Elaine Sanderson Llewellyn Morgan

Well done to Laura Beech, Ana Henderson, Lauren Bright, Ana Martin and Helen Lowe who worked tirelessly to make this first (and, hopefully, last) virtual Summer School such a success. Option Group leaders produced a mighty weight of stunning resources, now available in the Resources area. excellenter fecistis omnes!


Beginners' Latin language for teachers  CLC Books 1&2)  H.  Walters

Virgil's Aeneid 11: passages for reading and discussion   J. Hazel

Intermediate Latin language for teachers ( CLC Books 4&5)  L. Bright

A level Classical Civilisation World of the Hero  F. Gow


Improvers' Latin language for teachers ( CLC Book ) Charles Sykes

Latin language consolidation for teachers: beyond GCSE P. Geall

ALl Greek Art:pottery and sculpture beyond the syllabus  A.Henshaw

Tales from Herodotus (The Ethiopians / Power of Custom)  A. Martin


Classical Greek language for teachers (GCSE and beyond) P. Bunting

Classical Greek language for teachers (to GCSE)  C. Sykes

OCR GCSE  Virgil, Aen. 2.506–558, 705–740, 768–794   S.Baddeley

Eduqas GCSE Superstition/Magic : Liz Scott Ana Henderson L. Bright

 Medieval Latin Poetry for pleasure    N. Coulton


OCR GCSE Iliad, Bk 3 lines 1–112 -r Eur.Electra, 215–331 L. Beech

 GCSE Greek texts; Herodotus, Iliad 3.  R. Jones

Starting out Latin teaching for PGCE, NQTs new teachers  R. Hopley

Latin prose composition for school: to GCSE and beyond  A. Henderson

Ovid Amores II (H. Lowe); Horace Odes III (J. Hazel)


OCR GCSE Latin Prose Tacitus, Germanicus and Piso J. Dixon

Classroom games for teaching Latin  L. Goss/J.Tuck

AL Latin prose  Cicero Philipics II J. Johnson

Online resources for Latin teaching and learning  H.Lowe

Oxford Latinitas


Our guest speakers at the online Summer School

Option Groups

Well over 100 people registered for this event. In the absence of our traditional group photo, here are just few of them, participating online

All resources produced for this event are available for download from the “For Teachers” area. Login required