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respice prospice!

There were 56 delegates at Cheltenham, of whom 9 were PGCE students

Sian's Vocabulary guide to British Latin

 Summer School 2019  Cheltenham College

Liz Scott leading a Day at the RacesProf Patrick FinglassDr Llewelyn Morgan

Our Guest Lecturers

Liz Scott’s Eduqas group spend a Day at the Races

Sian’s group work on  British Latin, with a little help from the vocab list

Dr Mary Harlow Dr Amy Coker Dr Emily Hauserr Dr Kathryn Tempest Pantelis and Rachael in Classical pose Spinning a yarn Speechifying

Ana Henderson

Summer School Director, delivering the oratio

 The Arelates in Roman dress, courtesy of Dr Mary Harlow - and Nigel, conducting the Carmina Burana

Option Groups


Stesichorus and the reshaping of Homeric myth

Prof. Patrick Finglass, Bristol University

Offensive Language (in Greek and Latin)

Dr Amy Coker, Bristol University

Poetic Metre

Dr Llewelyn Morgan, Brasenose College, Oxford

Lanam fecit - weaving Roman togas

Dr Mary Harlow, Leicester University

Recovering the women of ancient Greek myth

Dr Emily Hauser, Exeter University


Dr Kathryn Tempest, Roehampton University

 Lucian, Homer and the Judgement of Paris

Dr Nicholas Wilshere, Nottingham University

 ARLT entertains - just a flavour

Ana Henderson gives the oratio valedictoria

Giles Dawson in fine voice |  and again

Hallelujah - the Choir!

Stef translates Livy 2.25  as one might with little or no Latin | the text of Livy helps!

Hilary’s song for CLC Stage 7   |    text and music .pdf

Nigel and Sian’s heart-rending Carmina Burana, with audience participation

Pat Bunting’s Peace beetle - in English and Greek

John Hazel’s Egnatius from Catullus     | 2  Hellenistic poems

The Arelates round off with favourites from the ARLT songbook

Amy Coker’s - Mind your language!

Eduqas GCSE Latin - a Day at the Races .zip of 40 files

Elizabeth Scott

Practical tips on teaching Classics with ICT

Helen Lowe                             

 British Latin from the “Dark Ages

Sian Foster

 Herodotus GCSE Prose Literature

Ana Henderson

Ovid Amaores 2 for OCR AL Latin

Lauren Bright

ARLT at Chedworth and Cirencester

Including a range of medical emergencies, dealt with by a Roman physician

 Nigel works the audience ARLT on Twitter

Summer School 2020 will be held at the Lancaster Royal Grammar School 27th - 31st July

Director: Laura Beech

Early conversations at the wine reception

 At the end, Lidia and Stef discuss the Summer School

  The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin