The Association for Latin Teaching

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Roman Leicester

Nick Cooper

After the Assassination: Cicero and Brutus

Kathryn Tempest

OCR The new qualiifications in Classics

Caroline Bristow

A new papyrus of Euripides

Patrick Finglass

Current research in Classics

Dani Frisby/Dalida Agri/Jane Ainsworth

Everyday life in Roman Margidunum

Ellie Ball, Clare Pickersgill

Working together to support Classics and the Humanities

Helen Lovatt

The cost of power and the power of sadness: grief as a stimulus to action in the Aeneid

Helen Lovatt

Decisions, decisions; Divination in Ancient Greece

Esther Eidinow

Option Groups


Brush up your Latin/Greek - Hilary Walters/Margaret Baird

AS level poetry texts 2017-18 - Helen Morrison

AQA Class. Civ. CIV1A - Philip Harper

AS Greek, Odyssey 10 - Laura Beech

Drama in the Classroom - Sarah Parnaby


B Teaching the CLC - Steven Hunt

New AS, Cicero pro Milone set text - Robert West

Greek Vases - Sarah Bourne

A2 Catullus - John Hazel

WJEC GCSE 2018 Latin Literature - Lynda Goss

GCSE Ancient History, Meet the Minoans - Lauren Douglas


Starting out in Latin:  using Minimus - Linda Soames

GCSE Latin set texts for 2018 - Tilly Cooper

AS CC/GCSE Greek Tragedy Medea and Antigone - Fiona Gow

ICT: using film making for teaching and learning - Helen Lowe

Introduction to medieval Latin documents - Nigel Coulton

Laura Beech, Summer School Director

Alison Henshaw, Director of Summer School 2016

 ARLT Summer School Ratcliffe 2016

ARLT at Ratcliffe College  25.7.16 - 28.7.16

the ARLT choir entertains

The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin.

Future Events:

The ARLT Refresher Day 2017 will be held on Saturday 4th March at Solihull School

The ARLT Summer School 2017 will be held at Uppingham School - Monday 31st July - Friday 4th August

 ARLT entertains

Oratio Valedictoria by Alison Henshaw


Peter and Matilda’s Antigone


The  choir entertains -  including the Lincolnshire Poacher (words)


Geoffrey Osborne recites from Keats


Hilary recites from Cavafy


Little Red Riding Hood - performed by Sarah Parnaby’s Drama Group


ARLT sing the ARLT songbook


 Respice! Prospice!


Vos omnes libentissime in collegium Ratcliffense me tamen absente recipiamini. affirmo porro operasque custodesque aulasque magno usui vobis sine dubio fore. spero igitur quattuor dies disceptationibus familiariter gerendis conviviisque comiter ornandis ibi absumpturum iri


Our guest speakers

Monica and Fred Williams of Hellenic Bookservice

The Hellene Travel Team

popped in for a few days…….

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“Before beginning, plan carefully”, Cicero.

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