The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice


The Romans in Wales

Frank Olding

Ancient technology

Tracey Rihll

The Transformations of Pentheus

Genevieve Liveley

The new examinations

Caroline Bristow, OCR

Stoics and Epicureans on the end of the world

Jonathan Griffiths

Epic from Homer to Nonnus

Camille Geisz, HMSG

Classics in Education

Richard Pring, Oxford

Aeneid 6: Becoming Roman

Matthew Leigh, Oxford

Elision in Latin poetry

John Hazel, ARLT

Heroism in the Iliad

Ian Repath, Swansea

Magna Carta

Jonathan Powell, RHUL

Option Groups


Cambridge Latin Course Books 1 and 2 - Tilly Cooper and Sarah Williamson

A2 Classical Civ. : Comedy - Margaret Baird

Writing Latin for the nervous -Hilary Walters

Classics Book Club - Linda Soames

A2 Greek Antigone - Pat Bunting


Tacitus Annals 4 - Jonathan Powell

Embedding ICT into Teaching/Learning Classics

Helen Lowe and Steven Hunt

CLC Book 1 Grammar for Beginners - Liz Scott

Read it Right - John Hazel

Roman Coins - Fiona Gow


Latin Prose Composition - Jonathan Powell

WJEC Literature - Lynda Goss

Iliad 1 for GCSE - Laura Beech

Greek Vases - Sarah Bourne

classics@crickhowell: changing my portfolio - Jayne Treasure


OCR GCSE verse literature - Helen Morrison

Drama in the classroom - Sarah Parnaby

Being creative with CLC 3 - Steven Hunt

Catullus at A Level - John Hazel

Tracey Rihll Richard Pring Matthew Leigh John Hazel Jonathan Powell Rouse at Caerwent in 1931 ARLT at Caerwent 2015
Laura Beech, Summer School Director

Laura Beech, Treasurer and Director of Summer School 2015

ARLT entertains

Oratio Valedictoria by Laura Beech


Oh. What a beautiful morning! Giles Dawson


Horace’s bore read by John Hazel


Hilary Walters reads Wordsworth after the visit to Tintern


Alex Komar sings an old Russian song


ARLT with a scene from Antigone in English and Greek


Sarah Bourne on the piano


ARLT sing “Let it Go” in Latin, non nobis, domine and a Scottish air


ARLT sing the ARLT songbook


ARLT - the first attempt to get everyone together in one place

Respice! Prospice!

The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin.

ARLT at Monmouth Haberdashers School for Girls: 27.7.15 - 1.8.15

ARLT Summer School Monmouth 2015