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Justin BlakeDr Penelope GoodmanProfessor Christopher RoweDr Peter HeslinDr Peter JonesDr Llewelyn MorganDr Amy RussellDr Sarah MilesProfessor Alison CooleyDavid and Joe sine quibus nonMonica and Fred of Hellenic BookserviceAlan Beale at the Great North Museum, Newcastle

 Some people who helped make Durham 2014 a great success

Summer School 2014 Durham University

Course Director, Tasos Aidonis, welcomes 58 Latinists from the UK, United States and Europe to the ARLT Summer School

St John’s College, 26 - 31 July 2014

St. John's College motto

ARLT at Steel Rigg 28.7.14

Little Gems

course members who shared their current interests

Fiona Gow

Ausonius’ Mosella

Helen Lowe

The Poseidon problem in the Odyssey

Louise Gaukroger

Oracles and Seers

Robert Soames

Contract law, ancient and modern

Whilst a small group went off to see Binchester, a substantial cohort of Arelates spent some time in the Great North Museum with Alan Beale , before discovering Vindolanda, with archaeologist Justin Blake and Chesters Fort. Steel Rigg offered us this spectacular view of the wall on the way.

Kristin and Rachel share views on the Durham 2014 Summer School.

  Only much later did I realise the wind had become a nuisance and ideally I would have taken it again. But it's rather a long way to Chattanooga, Tennessee!

The Oratio Valedictoria by Tasos Aidonis


The inimitable Roger Davies


Geoffrey Osborne Recites


John Hazel recites from Juvenal


Lynda Goss reminisces about ARLT


and much more

 Other highlights include Bar Crawl, Quiz and the legendary ARLT ENTERTAINMENT

The evening was rounded off in traditional fashion with songs from the ARLT Songbook

Respice! Prospice!

The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin.


 Aeneid IV

Llwelyn Morgan, Oxford

Ancient takes on modern problems

Peter Jones

Achilles, Heroism and his Afterlife

Peter Heslin, Durham

Latest Finds at Vindolanda

Justin Blake

Augustus, the Senate and the City of Rome

Amy Russell, Durham

The Flavian LACTOR

Melvyn Cooley, Warwick School

The Forum of Pompeii

Alison Cooley, Warwick U.

Plato’s Protagoras

Christopher Rowe, Durham

The Three Electras

Sarah Miles, Durham

Commemoration of Anniversaries under Augustus

Penelope Goodman, Leeds

Evaluations of Augustus from his own day to now

Penelope Goodman, Leeds

Option Groups


WJEC Latin; Liz Scott

Women in Greece and Rome; Martin Gibson

Reading Horace; John Hazel

Being Creative with CLC; Margaret Baird

Cicero De Imperio; Hilary Walters


Odyssey AS OCR; Fiona Gow

Prep and Primary School Latin; Duncan Parry

Aeneid IV; Geoffrey Osborne

Classically inspired poetry; Tasos Aidonis


Prose Composition course; Tasos Aidonis

Iliad 22; Pat Bunting

IT and Latin; Helen Lowe, Kathryn Tempest

Ovid Met. III 511-733; Helen Morrison


Active learning and Latin; Florian Luddecke

Reading it right, including metre; John Hazel

Refresh your Latin (and Greek);Alison Henshaw

GCSE set texts 8 & 10 mark Q’s; Tilly Cooper

Geoffrey Osborne's Aeneid group