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ARLT at Roehampton 2013

The 2013 Summer School , held at Roehampton University from 23- 27 July , was directed by Alex Smith. This was the 90th ARLT Summer School. Resources from Option Groups,  and recordings of the lectures can be found in the For Teachers section. Read Emma Cope’s Report



Latin and Modern European Languages:  John Hazel

Aeneid IV: Geoffrey Osborne

Beginners’ Greek: Helen Anscomb

Vase Animation: Sonya Nevin

Trips and Visits: Rachel Walden


KS3 to GCSE Classical Civ:   Hilary Walters

CLC for Beginners and not-so-Beginners: Steven Hunt

Aristophanes Clouds  OCR A2: Pat Bunting

Reading Virgil: John Hazel


Classical Book Club: Linda Soames

Classics and ICT: Helen Lowe

Latin Translation at GCSE: Liz Scott

Antigone for A2 Cl. Civ.: Fiona Gow


Adapting texts for classroom drama: Allison Grant

Odyssey 21: Pat Bunting|Helen Morrison

Tacitus Annals 15: Alison Henshaw

Classroom Games: Lynda Goss

  Feedback from the Summer School

The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin

Respice! prospice!

Tasos in a hurry to get to Durham 2014 ARLT at the BM The Treasurer at the BM
Alex Smith ARLT in the Picture Room at Roehampton People, Canada Geese and events at Roehampton Summer School


Classics on Campus

Susan Deacy

Women in theOdyssey

Peter Jones

Ovid’s Bacchae

Fiachra Mac Gorain

Pompeian Reception

Rosemary Barrow

Philosophy and Tyranny; Seneca and Nero

Jenny Bryan

The Aeneid

William Fitzgerald

A Eulogy of Pompey

Kathryn Tempest


Medea: Wicked Witch of the East: Kaloi k’Agathoi

British Museum: Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition

Creating School Partnerships:  video link

Emily Matters, Pymble Ladies’ College, Sydney

Compline: In memory of Wilf O’Neill

Classical Reading Group

ARLT ENTERTAINS - just a video sample

Ne me quittes pas

Alex Komar

Ancient Rome’s got Talent

Aeneid recitation

Geoffrey Osborne

ARLT choir round of CLC   and here’s the music

Home time!

Roger Davies