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Excursions and Events

ARLT SUMMER SCHOOL 2012 - Moreton Hall

Tasting of Roman wines from the Wroxeter vineyard

Visit to to Wroxeter,  including a guided tour of the Roman domus and subsequent visit to the Wroxeter vineyard

Visit to Much Wenlock with time to take the The Wenlock Walk and explore the Olympian history of the town. This was wonderfully illustrated by the subsequent talk given by Chris Cannon

Tour of Roman Chester, guided by our very own optio. Visit to the  Grosvenor Stones Museum plus education talk and hands on of artefacts.

Handouts and notes from some of the option groups and lectures can be found in the For Teachers section

ARLT at Wroxeter

Much Wenlock and


Optime respondenti

ARLT Quiz 2012

winning team

   The Storytellers

   Rosie Wyles and volunteers

ARLT entertains

Oratio directoris - Robert Grant - video

Roger Davies has a little list - video

Practise the basics with Mr and Mrs North and Hillard - video

Option Group A (1) adapts the story of Semele for a Classics lesson  -  video

with a little help from Jeremy Kyle

Option Group A2 adapts the story of Semele, with a special report from the Emergency Room  mp3

Lynda Goss and Sara Parnaby in a sketch which shows that very little has changed mp3

Geoffrey Osborne recites from Virgil’s Georgics mp3


Lynda and Sarah re-enact  the Social Services sketch