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Here are two video clips recording some reactions to the course.

Images from Charterhouse 2011

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The Centenary Summer School was blessed with beautiful weather, a glorious setting and the accustomed host of gifted and inspiring speakers. The Option Groups again formed the focus of our working day and produced lively debate and fun, as well as materials that will be of direct use to practising teachers of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, come September and the new academic year. These materials can be found in the "For Teachers" section.

In a week of highlights, everyone will have their own particular favourite: the visit to Fishbourne? the Centenary Dinner and Address by Peter Jones? Roger Davies' rib-tickling drunken recitation in the Entertainment? Eccentric breakfasts? Peter Geall's admirable and triumphant 11th hour substitution for Christopher Biggins (unable, alas, to attend)? The Quiz? The daily trek from Chetwynd to Hall? The mystery that was the Chetwynd door? Alison Henshaw's option group: - Amores 3, attended by greyhound? Cinderella?

Or, most likely it would be Stephen Anderson's talk on our founder, WHD Rouse. Opening with solo "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?" in Greek, Stephen took us on a magical journey through Rouse's life and career and then treated us to a recording of Rouse, in action with a class of boys, learning Latin, using the Direct Method, in 1932. Priceless and soon, we hope, to be available here online.    DS

Centenary Summer School

1911 - 2011

Held at Charterhouse School

Directed by Hilary Walters


What shall we do with a drunken sailor - Stephen Anderson

Religio or superstitio - John North

 Course programme

Resources prepared by Option Group leaders, as well as teaching materials produced during classes are in the  Teachers section.

Geoffrey Osborne recites 3 speeches from Julius Caesar

Enjoy these sound files, recordings from the Evening of Entertainment, put together in just a couple of days by Summer School members.

(NB all of these files link to “ which, unfortunately, no longer exists. The files have yet to be recovered.)

Latest: 25.7.20

*** rediscovered and recovered (in part)!  Roger Davies***

the choir

You are the Centre of my Life (sung in Latin)

Sancte Spiritus

We'll gather lilacs

the Company:

Cinderella - the panto, directed by and starring Alex Smith

the solo performers:


Sarah Parnaby - sings Gershwin's 'Summer Time'

John Hazel - reads Horace's Regulus ode

John McNee - reads three poems on classical themes

***Roger Davies - tells a whisky joke *********

Peter Geall - reads from Anthea Ingham's 'A Latin Unseen'

Lesley Hazel - sings English folk songs

Steven Hunt - plays Gershwin

Geoffrey Osborne - recites 3 speeches from Julius Caesar (watch the performance!)

Hilary Walters - Oratio Valedictoria

Respice! Prospice!

The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin