The Association for Latin Teaching

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 RLT Summer School  2008

  Held at Uppingham School

  Directed by Dr A Henshaw

Option Groups

A1. Virgil Aeneid XII OCR AS/A2 Prescriptions, Pat Bunting.

A2. Brush up your Greek, Helen Morrison

A3. A level Latin language teaching, Hilary Coote.

A4. Latin for years 6, 7 and 8, Linda Soames.

B1. Catullus, Sarah Bourne.

B2. Gifted and Talented Learning Styles, Allison Caplan.

B3. Teaching Literature AS and A2 Classical Civilisation, Andy Swithinbank.

B4. Latin GCSE set texts 2009, Jude Morton.

B5. Read It Right! - practical Latin pronunciation, Wilf O'Neill.

C1. Aeneid VI; Aeneas in the Underworld, Geoffrey Osborne.

C2. Classical Drama for the 9-12 age group, Sarah Parnaby.

C3. The Odyssey for AS Classical Civilisation. (AQA and OCR), Fiona Gow

C4. Cambridge Latin Course Book 4, Hilary Walters.

D1. Tackling Sallust for A2, Marian Ciuca.

D2. Classroom games, Lynda Goss.

D3. Latin prose composition, Robert West

D4. Reading Greek – Euripides, Laura Beech.



Colour and Meaning on Ancient Sculpture; Dr Mark Bradley


Kathryn Tempest, Roman law courts

Thomas Harrison, Herodotus

Option Groups


Afternoon expedition to Roman Lincoln with a guided tour by Michael Jones

Option groups

Richard Hawley, Symposia


Will Griffiths, Teaching Latin as a non-specialist

Recent developments in ICT

Option groups

Syllabus changes

Hellenic Bookservice


Wilf O'Neill, the Classical Continuum

Claire Gruzelier, Off the Beaten Track

Option groups

Drama and music


Option groups

Jenny March, Women in Greek tragedy

Feedback session

Summer School 2008

- Retrospect

Monday 21st  to Saturday 26th July