The Association for Latin Teaching

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 ARLT Summer School  2003

  Held at Lord Wandsworth College

  Directed by Mr R Haynes

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Lord Wandsworth College: July 17th - 20th July 2003  

Thursday 17th

Friday 18th

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th

Option A

Option Groups

Option Groups

Option Groups

Nick Lowe:

"The Writing of Gladiator

Dr Efi Spentzou:

"Redefining the Epic Hero in the Aeneid"

Dr Ray Lawrence:

"Growing up and growing old in Ancient Rome"

 Dr Jenny March: "Dangerous women in Greek Tragedy"


Classics software with

 Julian Morgan


Seminar D

Nick Oulton:

"Latin for Interactive whiteboards"

Prof Brian Sparkes

"Roman High Life by the Sea"

 Will Lawrence:

"London, a Classical City"

 Seminar E