The Association for Latin Teaching

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 ARLT Summer School  2001

  Held at Dean Close, Cheltenham

  Directed by Mr P Geall

This was the first of the new-style shorter Summer Schools, which have since alternated with the traditional longer ones. The new format clearly appealed to very many teachers, as can be seen by the numbers in this group photo.


ARLT Summer School - Dean Close School

19th - 22nd July 2001


Peter Jones "Odysseus as Hero in Odyssey 9, 22, 23"

Jonathan Powell - " Latin and Her Cousins; the Indo-European Languages

Peter Jones - "Virgil's Use of Homer's Odyssey

Barbara Bell - "Minimus in Practice"

Amanda Claridge - "Recent Archaeological developments in Rome"

Julian Morgan -" Introduction to Classics Software"

Jonathan Powell - "Latin and her Sisters: the Languages of Ancient Italy"

Jonathan Powell - "Latin and Her Daughters - the Romance Languages"