The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice

 ARLT Summer School  1991

  held at Traherne Hall, University of Cardiff

  Directed by Mrs N Langmaid

David Parsons' Song of the Cardiff Summer School.

(Tune: 'For I am a Judge...' from 'Trial by Jury'.)

1. When Nancy called, we were beguiled

And to Cardiff town we hurried.

We wondered whether the Welsh were wild

And fierce - but we needn't have worried.

Tho' the bedside lamps cannot be found,

Tho' some cooks are unforthcoming,

We've the place to ourselves, and the roofs are sound, ( Repeat) .

And there's very good food and plumbing.

2. Is hubris what we always thought? Is Nemesis its sequel?

Nick Fisher said that what we'd been taught

Was rot - or something equal.

Peter Jones confirmed our feeble knees;

By us his work must be built on;

And we scribbled As and Bs and Cs (Repeat).

On Homer, Pope and Milton.

3. In the amphitheatre's list of names

Thomas Wiedemann was a winner,

Tho' what happened at lunch-time at the Games

Would put anyone off his dinner.

The rest of the verse is for David Z


************************** (Repeat).

With absence hearts grow fonder!

4. Archaeology is the Director's bent,

As on Wednesday she was showing.

At Caerleon Baths and the dig at Caerwent

We were tired - but we all loved going.

Then, 'What is truth?' asked Percival (John)

'When it's history we are reading.'

The lecture stopped, but the talk went on:  (Repeat).

The debate is still proceeding.

5. We've heard the 'Storey' of C.L.C..

'Stray' words on Rouse were a tonic.

More words in Welsh from Peter Wynn T.

From Latin through Brythonic.

Anne Thomas told the uncensored truth:

Her video faced many a dilemma.

So our week has pleased both age and youth (Repeat).

From Nick Dunn to baby Emma.


So that's Summer School, and a good School too.

So that's Summer School, and a good School too.

And though people as a rule

Think a classicist's a fool,

Yet we know that Latin's cool

And that Greek's cool too.

Let's support A.R.L.T.,

keep the Classics live,

Yes, support A.R.L.T.,

keep the Classics live.

It depends on you and me

To be active as can be,

'Cos it's up to us to see

That the Classics thrive.


Nancy Langmaid, the Director, was trained in archaeology and museum work, and came to Latin teaching late.

Pat Storey was the director of the Cambridge Latin Course

Dr Christopher Stray is an historian of Classics teaching, and has written a short biography of the founder of ARLT, Dr Rouse.