The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice

 ARLT Summer School  1987

  held at College of Ripon & York St John, York

  Directed by Mr W B O'Neill

Song of the Summer School

(to the tune: ?)

Someone's lost the book collection, Wilf:

The buck stops here.

Open options? May Day: Gott mir hilf!

Give him real beer.

Though young Benedict is glaring,

And committee's almost swearing,

Wilf, with all the hats you're wearing,

There's no need to fear:

Can you park in Eboracum?

Can you find the way about?

Understand the college plan?

You're a genius if you can

Work the whole thing out.

Choice is stark in Eboracum,

Reading groups and C.L.C.,

Models, Ecce, Music, Play,

Coursework – something's on all day

–Now, whatever shall it be?

Woodman, hark, in Eboracum,

Says that Livy's loyal – or not (?).

Half a god and half a man,

Is he dead, the great god Pan?

Boardman showed the lot.

Let's embark in Eboracum

On a voyage to find out how

Paterson, with Verdi's help

Learned to love Germanicus' whelp.

Do we have to love him now?

Worth remark in Eboracum

Was John Ferguson's mellow voice;

Now we've seen and heard him read

Hopkins, Housman, and indeed

Make us all rejoice.

In the dark in Eboracum,

Showing pictures of the town,

How could Peter Wenham talk

Of the burials in York

When the slides were upside–down?

See the lark in Eboracum;

Arnott's Greeks saw birds on th'wing:

Aristotle was first rate;

Alexander, he was great; (no, another Alexander!)

– And the swan does sing.

Our bright spark in Eboracum

Peter Jones kept us in fits;

He has wisdom, scholarship,

And a tremor of the lip

As he quotes the naughty bits!

 David Parsons


Was Livy an Augustan Writer?  Prof. A.J Woodman

How I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Caligula  Mr J.J. Paterson

Telemachus in the Odyssey   Dr P.V. Jones

The Great God Pan   Prof. J. Boardman

Two Classical Poets: Housman and Hopkins   Mr J. Ferguson

 Classical Sign and Symbol   Mr W.B. Thompson

Roman York  Mr L.P. Wenham


Horace's Odes Mr J. Ferguson

Euripides': hater or Lover of Women?

Prof. W.G. Arnott

Comparative criticism: 1 Ennius & Aeneid 806-182. Quadrigarius & Livy: Aulus Gellius 9.13 &Livy 7.19  Prof. D.West

Reading Groups

Sophocles Oedipus Tyrannus (Reading) John Hazel

Cicero: Somnium Scipionis (Discussion)  Liz Teague

Horace Odes II/III ®  Mary Beachcroft

Tacitus; Annales XIV ®   Roger Davies

Vergil Aeneid IV ®   Joan Newey

Medieval Latin (D)  Ian Gill

CLC; reading and pronunciation practice ®  Roger Davies

Achilles and Hector; scenes from the Iliad (D)  Hilary Walters

Plenary Sessions

Question Time: Panel - Bill Wilkie, Adviser for Strathclyde (Chair), Bob Young, Staff Inspector DES, David Wilson ,teacher and examiner.

Cambridge Latin Course  Roger Davies

Forum; what do you think of the Course?

Groups, Talks and Classes

Read it Right Belinda Dennis

Latin Pronunciation  John Hazel

Greek Pronunciation  John Hazel

Reading - Appreciation - Comprehension  Belinda Dennis

Literay Criticism  Mollie Dixon

Language Awareness Bill Wilkie

Vulgar Latin Ian Gill  

Spoken Latin  Ronald Darroch

Latin Prose Composition  Ronald Darroch

Cambridge Latin Course Roger Davies

Ecce Romani  Ronald Darroch

Teaching Aristophanes  Roger Davies

Classics for the less able  Mike Teague

Getting started with Classical Civilisation  Paula Kuit

A and AS Levels in Classical Civilisation  Bob Young HMI

GCSE Coursework  David Wilson

Coursework in Classical Studies  Jennifer Martin

Computer Assisted Learning  Tony Payne

Continuum workshop  William Thompson

Latin Play  Belinda Dennis

English Play  Ben Lister

Model making  Bill Wilkie

Music  Wilf O'Neill

Using Video  Peter Garland


Roman York - the visible remains of the fortress

York Archaological Trust Conservation Laboratory

Jorvik Viking Centre  

Viking Ships Exhibition

Yorkshire Museum

York Minster Undercroft