The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice

ARLT Summer School  1986

  held at College of St Paul and St Mary, Cheltenham

  Directed by Mr J Hazel

Song of the Summer School by David Parsons

(to the tune: I've got a little list, from The Mikado)

The course is nearly over, and John Hazel's file is found.

He's got his little list, he's got his little list

Of the speakers and activities. We've covered lots of ground,

And only one I've missed, - I won't say which I missed.

The Director made us name ourselves and tell about our schools

And some were aged 'roues', and a lot of us were ..... not;

But we settled down together and we heard the latest news

Of the Romans in the Cotswolds from a bearded Stephen Clews,

And we found the bar, and some of us went in there for a booze -

Is there anyone I've missed? Is there anyone I've missed?

I've got a little list, I've got a little list.

Is there anyone I've missed? Is there anyone I've missed?

On Tuesday morning Wilf O'Neill, our President, devised

A classic music list, a philharmonic list-

And we loved his talk and records, - it was A & M (revised)

That wasn't to be missed. That wasn't to be missed.

What shall I say of reading groups and all activities,

Computers, drama, music, pots and other things like these?

Bob Young, who is our old friend, talked about G.C.S.E.

And its course work and assessment, and it all made sense to me,

But it was a hard two hours after just one cup of tea.

But it wasn't to be missed, no, it wasn't to be missed....

Now Andrew Wallace-Hadrill is considered by his wife

A male porcine chauvinist, - but still he's on my list;

He thinks that an affective bond glued Roman family life,

That seemed to be his gist, unless I'm in a mist.

And Christopher's 'stray' thoughts on Rouse pleased many who recall

The master and his influence on Arelates all.

But Ian's rustic capitals confused us all a lot -

You think that letter's I? Then you can bet your life it's not!

But he certainly impressed with all the learning that he's got.

Our palaeographist, - he's also on the list....

Charles Craddook can't be silenced even when it's not his turn,

Our dauntless humourist, - he must be on some list;

But he has a TREE fixation, as he's helped us all to learn.

And he never could be missed, no, he never could be missed.

Charles Peckett after dinner showed how Greeks went down the drain,

Rev. Ronald broke and entered, - nearly smashed a window-pane.

Myles Walker works like crazy to keen Latin going strong.

Dying Priam echoes Pompey, or is Angus Bowie wrong?

Is he right on myth and ritual behind the comic song

Of the ancient Satirist?

That terminates my list.

They came here to assist

Each teaching Classicist.

And the Cheltenham Summer School

Must on no account be missed.