The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice

ARLT Summer School   1967

held at St Paul’s College, Cheltenham

Directed by Miss M.A.Mardel

The Summer School of the Association, held this year at St.Paul’s College,  Cheltenham was attended by sixty-seven members, a number large enough to provide a stimulating exchange of ideas, but not so large as to destroy the friendly and informal atmosphere which has characterised these meetings for so many years.  It was a pleasure to welcome as members of the course some modern linguists now entrusted with the early stages of Latin under the two-tier comprehensive system in some areas.  Highlights of the week were provided by Professor Farrington, who started the series of evening lectures on an inspiring note with “Thinking with our Past”, and by Mr.T.W. Melluish, who brought it to a hilarious conclusion with “Some Stories of Heracles”.  The Beginners’ Demonstration Class, taught by Mrs. F.B.K. Dennis of Harrow County High School, was a continuous source of instruction and delight as the class found its way painlessly through the early stages under her expert and unobtrusive guidance.  Those of us who live near enough to London look forward to seeing her again with a class of her own at a more advanced stage at the Weekend Course in March.

The thanks of the Association are due to Miss M. Mardel, the Director of the Summer School, to Mr. Dale, whose continued support is such an asset, and who  this year chose Catullus, and to all,  both teachers and taught, whose efforts made it such a profitable week.