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Letter to The Times (probably):

From Sir Frederick Mason


Your correspondent, Mr. Larkman today (Saturday 18) hits one nail squarely on the head about clock-watching by teachers.

When I was preparing for Cambridge in 1932 my then Headmaster (F.R. Dale, of the City of London School) offered to coach me in my deficient Latin and did so at his home on Saturday morning for a whole term, over a cup of cocoa. There was no "rule book" of course, and no way of rewarding him.

I am sure that there must be many others among your readers who have reason to be grateful for what their teachers assumed to be just a part of their normal duties.

Yours faithfully,

Frederick Mason,

The Forge, Ropley, Hampshire.

ARLT Summer School 1933

held at Bishop Otter College, Chichester

Directed by Mr F.R. Dale